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Welcome to the Inverness Orienteering Club (INVOC) website.

We are the local orienteering club for the Inverness area and much of the rest of highland Scotland.

Please see our About INVOC page for more information about the club. If you are new to the sport our Orienteering? page offers a starting point for finding out what it is all about.

Join INVOC now and your annual membership lasts through to the end of 2015!

New members, join now for the whole of 2015 and you get the rest of 2014 for free. Details on the Membership page.

Join INVOC now!

Run 4 It Vizionteering Event - Wednesday 3rd December

Inverness Run 4 It running shop (down by the river in town) hosted a Vizionteering event on Wednesday 3rd December - basically a night street score event. Have a look at the map (pdf), and see the pics in the vizionteering031214 album in INVOC's flickr photos.

Our Next Event(s):

The INVOC Christmas O and party on Sunday 14th December in Evanton was our final event for 2014. We're aiming for a Level D event in January to keep things ticking over - Sunday 18th at Littlemill (Daviot, just south of Inverness off the A9). In the meantime best wishes to all for the festive season.


INVOC Update

16/11/14: 2015 membership information updated on the Membership page. Current members - you should have your renewal information from British Orienteering, please remember to renew your membership in good time!

11/11/14: A wee update to the final Club League table for the Junior B League.

06/11/14: The final INVOC Club League event for 2014 was the MOR Quarrelwood Level C on Sunday 2nd November. The final scores are in, so check your final position on the INVOC League page. With less League events than anticipated this year the final League positions have been based on each participant's best three scores.

Congratulations to our 2014 League winners: Laurence Cload, Guy Seaman, Kieran Watts and Jasper Kinghorn.

19/10/14: INVOC was able to provide a small amount of financial support to two of our top juniors, Finlay Todd and Rowan White, this summer. Finlay and Rowan have written a bit about their experiences for us - check it out on the INVOC News page.

08/10/14: James Laird has been setting up a Dropbox document store for the club, so we can store and share useful documents on the cloud. See the Useful Docs page under INVOC Resources for more info. We're trying things out at present and have put some of Val's new SI guides in a public folder, with a link from the Useful Docs and Equipment pages.

07/10/14: See the News page for an update on INVOC involvement in the Scottish international teams.

05/10/14: Members may be aware that the big blue INVOC tent suffered a broken leg a while back at Gallowhill. We are happy to report that after a minor surgical procedure and plenty of TLC  it is now fully repaired and ready once more for the orienteering fray.

03/10/14: After our juniors helped the North team triumph at the Junior Inter Areas in September some of the team put together a report on the event, check it out on the INVOC News page.

Alec Keith still has a few of the old INVOC emit brikkes available 'as is' to club members for £1 - drop him a mail at kit"at"invoc.org.uk if you would like one.

We are working on moving content across from the old INVOC website and adding some new stuff. We hope to extend and enhance the site in future, but we really need more help - could you look after part of the site?

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