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Welcome to the Inverness Orienteering Club (INVOC) website.

We are the local orienteering club for the Inverness area and much of the rest of highland Scotland.

Please see our About INVOC page for more information about the club. If you are new to the sport our Orienteering? page offers a starting point for finding out what it is all about.

Our Next Event(s):

All pretty quiet for the summer now, time for those trips to far-flung multi-day events.....

Remember to check out the Purple Thistle (23-24 August) - not an INVOC event but using our maps, quality 'barebones' orienteering in a very handy location.


INVOC Update

Alec Keith still has a few of the old INVOC emit brikkes available 'as is' to club members for £1 - drop him a mail at kit"at"invoc.org.uk if you would like one.

As well as planning/organising Littlemill, Joan Noble was one of a small group of INVOC members competing at the British Champs (Long Distance) in Northumberland at the end of May. Joan placed 2nd in W65L and reports: "It was a very rough wood and times were very long. I fell near the end and cracked a couple of ribs but wasn't going to let that stop me! Looked as if I was going to win until the end of the day when a 'dark horse' had a blinder and beat me by 2 minutes!"

A depleted Team INVOC managed 7th place at the Jamie Stevenson Trophy on Sunday 15th June. More details on the JST page.

INVOC were well represented at the Scottish Champs in Perthshire on the 24th/25th May weekend. We had a team in the Junior '44-' relay, with Finlay, Ronan and Rowan placing 4th in a competitive race. Podium places in the individual included Marsela McLeod (2nd in W50L), Jenny Blackwood (3rd in W14A) and Tim Sowood (3rd in M70).

Please have a look around the new-look INVOC website. At present we are still moving content across from the old site but hope to extend and enhance in future. Could you help look after the site?

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