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Saturday (Afternoon) May 18th 

Sat May 18th : Achnasoul & Tower Wood.   All training groups.  Meeting at 12.45pm for a 1pm start, finish at 2.30pm. 


  • Eagle Eyes, Talons, Adult TD3: focusing on contours interpretation
  • iJOS & STS: Focussing on orienteering with distractions and under pressure.  Simulated through head to head racing on a relay/gaffled course.

Directions: From A835 to Contin take the Marybank turn.  Go straight through Marybank, up the hill and down the other side.  Before the sharp right turn near the river there are two laybys for forest access roads- the first on the right (meet point) and the second on the left.  Park carefully and tightly in either  of these..  No forest access is required by the estate, so the gates can be blocked.  There will be dog walkers parking too.  Grid reference: NH479518.  Google map here

What to bring: Weather forecast is for rain and 13 degrees (boo hoo!). 

  • Eagle Eyes and Talons bring an extra layer, which can be left at base. 
  • iJOS and STS bring normal running kit (be aware there might be some waiting around).  All iJOS and STS need a watch, to know when to return.  There is mobile phone coverage in the area and we prefer it if for training iJOS juniors carry a phone if possible (appreciate this isn't always possible).  Make sure you are fully hydrated, etc. for being out in the wood for 5km+ run (taking up to 90 mins). 

Cost: £2 per person

Nearest toilets: ????? - probably your home - sorry - go before you come.


INVOC Coaching and Training Series 2019

The Spring series has begun with a great session kindly made available to us by ScotJOS. (See below)

There are three INVOC sessions and two squad sessions which we have been invited to.  INVOC sessions are suitable for yellow to black standard orienteers - subject to coach availability.

Based on responses to the coaching survey club coaching/training will occur on the follow dates.  Apologies to those that can’t make a date, but there were no perfect dates.  Coaches’ availability was also limited too.

  • Fri 15th Feb & Sat Feb 16th: iJOS and Senior Training Squad (STS). 
    • Night training proved useful for the upcoming British Night champs Deeside.  Saturday AM was close map contact work in the challenging complex Inshriach.  In the afternoon we did downhill training to mimic running under pressure.  Us adults were pretty slow though as the pressure was on not to break a bone it was so rough!  The juniors seemed to not notice how rough it was and did some good TD4/5 controls.  Lovely views on the walk up!  We all learned a lot and it enthused us to do more training


  • Sat March 2nd : Craig Leach. All the training groups had some fun in Craig Leach, before the rain/sleet came on.  Eagle Eyes worked on decision points and Talons on Relocation.  iJOS worked on intricate contors and map contact.  Map extract from the TD5 group below.

  • Sat March 23rd: Talons & iJOS.  North Area training in Deeside courtesy of MAROC. 6 INVOC juniors had a fun day out.  They trained with juniors from other North Area Clubs and had fun with games and relay races in the afternoon.  We even had the sun shining for us!


Sun April 7th : Cullaird Wood/Ness Castle, Inverness.  All training groups up to light green plus a TD4/5 course for those wanting to do their own training.  Meeting at 1pm, finish at 2.30pm. See top of page.



  • Sat May 18th: all training groups

Training groups: Eagle Eyes (TD2), Talons (TD3), iJOS (M/W18-), STS (M/W20+)

Training sessions also open to club members not signed up to a training squad

Sessions Cost:  £2 to cover map printing etc costs.

Registration prior to event via Google form to allow for printing and planning

Current active Coaches:  Jacquie Laird, Suzanne Robins-Bird & Joyce Brunton We welcome Alison Matheson to the coaching team having just completed her Level 1 UKCC. 

Assistants: James Laird, Colin Simpson and Laurence Cload

Anyone else interested in coaching please contact us- you don't have to be qualified to assist another coach, as James and Colin do.

 Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Training Squads

New this year we are using training squads to communicate with those club members who wish to train.  If you wish to join a training squad please email Jacquie: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. There are four training squads: the Senior Training Squad and three junior training squads. The four squads are:

  • Senior Training Squad (M/W 20+, improvers to elite)
  • iJOS - training squad for M/W18- running at TD4 & TD5 standard
  • Talons Training Squad  (up to TD3).  
  • The Eagle-Eyes training squad for the TD2 juniors (up to yellow standard)

 You can see who has signed up to the training squads here (as of end of Jan 2019).

Coaches' Tips

For those of you who need to brush up on your control description symbols, they are all here


If you want  an idea of what techniques you need to be mastering next, have a look at the BOF step system chart here

New Coaches

We always have room for more coaches. If you love orienteering, working with youngsters/adult beginners and want to pass your skills onto others, you're the person we are looking for.  You can join in with a coach led session as a helper or you can consider training as a coach.

The current system for qualifying as a coach involves attending a one day Coaching Foundation Course followed by a 2 day residential course at Glenmore Lodge to take you to UKCC Level 1. This would then qualify you to coach up to TD3 with certain restrictions. Funding is normally available to cover the cost of courses.

Further details and dates are on the SOA website

The coaches are happy to answer any queries you may have about the process - just email coaching"at"

Junior Badges and Incentives

Star Awards

We have a * Star * Award system which enables juniors to keep track of their own progression through learning the different skills and help coaches to fill in any gaps. Regular coaching attendance is required to complete this.  

Juniors! Collect event badges for attendance at events. Badges are awarded after attending 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 events. Download your event record sheets here, or contact the coaching team - coaching"at"

Record sheet - events 1 to 10

Record sheet - events 11 to 25

Record sheet - events 26 to 40

Record sheet - events 41 to 50